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Welcome to my new site, please bear with the construction.


Shifters and Shift controllers for
GM, Jeep, Toyota and Nissan.
Shift to the Best
Shipping most products worldwide check out the drop down menus.
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Typical orders are 1 week to ship.

Just a note, I don't usually speak out on politics but I feel I need to now.
The 2nd Amendment is not to be screwed with, I am a card carrying member of the NRA. If this offends you please don't buy my products.

Now selling Transgo AW4/A340 shift improver kit 340-HD2 see the Accessories page. My trans has this installed and it did make a big improvement in shifting quality.

T-SHIRTS now available..........any color as long as its dark grey. 
Check them out too on the Accessories page.

I'm running about week to ship under the current demand.
Please be patient and thank you for your business. 


Now a Steinjager Suspension and Components Dealer, click the link and buy or let me get you a quote.

Maverick Performance/Winters Shifters now makes an AW4/A340 version of their shifter, Model is # 607-1. This is now a product, check it out on the Winters Shifter & Kits tab, Install instructions are also available on the Installation Doc. tab..

Thank you to all my customers and thank you for all the referals, I love to hear "I have to get one cuz' my buddy has one."
Check out the Accessories section for Switches, Billet Bling gear indicators, and the RADtainer.

When designing shifters the first thing that comes to mind is reliability, we won’t sell something we wouldn’t use. We know that getting you there and back is the number one priority. It doesn’t matter if you’re a weekend wheeler, a desert racer or a rock crawler our products are designed to give you the ultimate in reliability and durability. We use what we design, build and sell that’s how we know they work. There is no chrome, no plastic, our shifters are all metal, aluminum and steel, built to last and not leave you stranded. American made for you by us, RADesigns builds quality.

Our products are part of the biggest races in off road, like the Baja 1000 and the infamous King of the Hammers race, serious shifters for serious competitors.

Don’t forget customer service, if we can’t answer questions or give tech support then we wouldn’t be doing this. E-mail or phone we’re here to reply as quickly as we can to help you out.

Innovation, that describes RADesigns’ goal of being a leader, new and unique designs will continue to be what you get from us.

Shift to the best, we’re here for you.

Rory A. DesJardin-Owner



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